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Happiness On Offer !

If happiness is a state of mind then why is it we spend our lives pursuing it outside of ourselves? An old joke tells of a man going home late one night. As he walks down the road he sees his neighbour on his hands and knees searching the ground beneath a streetlight. Being a helpful fellow he asks what his neighbour is looking for, and his neighbour, obviously the worse for alcohol, tells him he is searching for his house keys. The two men spend some time looking together, but having no luck finding the keys our helpful friend eventually asks his neighbour, “Where did you drop them?” The drunken man points back down the street to where it’s dark and says, “Over there”. Our friend is puzzled and says to the drunk, “Then why are we looking here?” The drunk looks confused for a moment at what he obviously thinks is a stupid question, before replying, “Because the light is here”.

That is how it is for most of us, most of the time. All we really want is to be happy, and even though we know that happiness is a state of mind we think that it can be found in the world outside of ourselves. So, like the drunk, we spend our lives looking in the wrong place for happiness and, not surprisingly, we never really manage to find it.

If happiness is a state of mind then the method for achieving it must, necessarily, be through the mind. Meditation is a method for learning to control ones mind and so achieve real and lasting happiness. As our mind stabilises through meditation, our lives become more peaceful, and the quality of our everyday life is transformed.

Regular meditation has beneficial effects upon both the mind and the body. Stress levels are reduced and blood pressure may be lowered. Through greater awareness, mind and body become better integrated, as a result of which pain conditions and illness are more easily managed. Meditation exercises our mental capacity, stimulates our creative abilities and opens us up to the path of self-knowledge and self-development.

Regular practice gradually helps us bring about profound change, enabling us to cope with all that life may bring, the seemingly good and the apparently bad. It is a journey that requires commitment and effort, but it need not be an arduous one. The rewards of meditation are many and increase with practice, but one does not have to wait long for them to begin to arise. It is journey that would benefit us all and I commend it to you, it is a journey towards happiness and it should be a joyful one. I wish you joy on your journey.

Did you know that meditation is part of and maybe prescribed in Traditional Chinese Medicine? Would you like more peace in your life?